Who we are

Our Head Office is in Merzig, a town within the border triangle of Saarland, France and Luxembourg, right in the heart of Europe. Here, we now provide employment for 35 people. Our C.E.O. is Ursula Schmal.

We’ve been doing what we do for a long time.
That’s why we do it so well.

Hauptsitz in Merzig-Mechern, Dörrmühle 4-8
Head Office: Merzig-Mechern, Dörrmühle 4-8
Außenlager in Merzig, Im Holzhau 5
Outside warehouse: in Merzig, Im Holzhau 5

In 1953 Hubertus Kleemann, the father of the current C.E.O., started out producing pallets.
In the second generation, under Ursula Schmal and Hubertus Kleemann, production was expanded in 1972 to include packaging for machines, replacement parts, industrial equipment and plant components for worldwide shipping by sea, by land, by air and by domestic waterway.

If we do something, we do it properly.
The things we do, we do properly.
Nationally. Internationally. Globally.

Today we are established throughout Germany, thanks to our wealth of experience, our expertise, the high quality of our products, our reliability and, last but not least, our direct motorway connection, our connection to the domestic port of Merzig and the proximity of the airports in Luxembourg, Hahn and Frankfurt.

For us, you’re the boss.
What our customers want is what we care about most.

In order to be as responsive as possible to our customers’ requirements, we have established the following specialisations at the following locations:

Kleemann GmbH Verpackungssysteme
Head Office in Merzig

Kleemann GmbH Verpackungssysteme
Commercial unit Darmstadt with hazardous goods depot

We put our hearts and minds into packaging.