Kleemann CTS

Kleeman CTS Component Tracking System

Kleemann makes it possible!

Convert your order management into a clear procedure and increase profits without increasing effort. The Kleemann Component Tracking System allows you to view and track the order status and history of your order at any time and at any point along the entire delivery chain. With the Kleemann Component Tracking System, your orders always stay in sight and in control, saving you time and lowering your costs with precision quantity checks.

  • Real-time-information
  • Cost optimisation with quantity checks
  • Extreme reliability with barcode checks
  • Time saved trough centralised information

The barcode checks, which are repeated throughout tracking, make the entire process extremely reliable. Always having the most current view of your order status and items allows you to track your orders in real-time. This allows you to give your customers reliable information on the current status of a shipment, effortlessly increasing the correctness of your orders and making your work more efficient and profitable.

We give you the space you need to concentrate on your core business.

This is how it works:

  1. Order number
    You send us a new order, wich we add to the system.
  2. Delivery item list from contractors
    Every contractor involved in this order updates a delivery item list that you can access at any time. This allows you to monitor the processing and shipping/delivery status for items sent to us. All delivery items are identified with a barcode.
  3. Kleemann receiving
    Here you can see which items have already been delivered to us. We are notified via e-mail of an incoming delivery. Each delivery item is checked via barcode.
  4. Packaging unit and packaging
    All packaged delivery items are secured with a barcode scan and automatically registered in the system as packaged. Each packaging unit is given its own barcode.
  5. Shipping/delivery
    The packaging units are identified by barcode, scanned during shipment and that way they are automatically registered in the system.

Track every order step-by-step in real time.